Becoming an Authentic professional with a growth mindset

A guide to help you navigate your journey from a first-time manager to a (Zero Bullshit) Leader!

Zero Bullshit Leader is a guide, a handbook for helping people navigate their ways from the first-time manager to a leader, written in a way to become that buddy we all need(ed) but were afraid to ask.

The outline is 25 chapters' worth of ideas. They're easily digestible for someone who wants to get some quick tips, so they are in the ballpark of around 1500 words — that’s five minutes of reading or about the attention span of a typical sales manager.

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Every year, thousands (millions) of people enter the management ranks. Promoted for success in a previous job (e.g., Sales), but the skill set required is entirely different.

This is not an evolution but a revolution. A big disruption. This book is written in a straightforward, easily digestible format. My guidance is around 1500 words per chapter. Because you don't need one more book full of academic data. You want straightforward advice from someone who's been there. And you want it NOW.

Apart from these official chapters, I plan to spice things up with in-between chapters war stories that I collected in my twenty-year career in sales. I don't intend to share these during the writing process, but leave them as extra treats available only in the book. For the cheapskates out there, the free chapter drafts should do the trick, and for the rest of us, the book will be a part of the arsenal.

Zero Bullshit Leader cuts right through the politics, emotions, and power plays because they are an authentic professional with a growth mindset. Authentic because they bring their whole self to work. Professional because they add tremendous value. And they deliver results with a growth mindset, by being a learner, not a knower, with empathy for others and a sharp focus on outcomes.

Navigate your journey from a first-time manager to a Zero Bullshit Leader!

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